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Staff Review: Making Habits, Breaking Habits

Making Habits, Breaking Habits
Jeremy Dean
Oneworld Publications

Self-help style books are not my usual reading matter, so thought I would break a habit and challenge myself to read outside my comfort zone.  The majority of self-help books I have sold in as a rep have either been way too simple and condescending, or so totally complicated and full of scientific fact that you don’t even understand the back cover! This book is surprisingly different; fascinating, well written, easy to read and understand and if you are interested, footnotes that direct you to the actual science based study that section relates to.

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Staff Review: Orwell’s Cough

Orwell’s Cough
Diagnosing the Medical Maladies & Last Gasps of the Great Writers
John Ross
Oneworld Publications

This is a most fascinating book written by a GP that is not dense with medical details but full of interesting anecdotes, on the illnesses and diseases suffered by some of our most notable authors. For instance did you know that Shakespeare was terrified of getting syphilis, or that Orwell fought and died of tuberculosis?
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Staff Review: This Flawless Place Between

This Flawless Place Between
Bruno Portier
Oneworld Publications

I always look forward to reading the synopsis of our historical nonfiction and biographies in the advance release information each month but This Flawless Place Between jumped out because it’s a novel, but moreover a mesmerising and uplifting story about death and dying.
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