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Staff Review: The Talented Manager

The Talented Manager: 67 Gems of Business Wisdom
Adrian Furnham
Palgrave Macmillan

The notion of business wisdom gems was enough for me to add this book to my reading list: category ‘productive read’. Access to 67 of them seemed like excellent value for money and time invested. With chapters like ‘blamestorming’, ‘could do better’, ‘nutters at work’, ‘protecting vulnerable customers’, and ‘writing your own obituary’ how could I go wrong?!

The chapters are very aptly named short essays, easy to read and digest, written with great clarity, insight and humour, and very wide-ranging. An enjoyable ramble through the topics of day-to-day business life which can be dipped into as interest or needs dictate, or read straight through for a crash course in applying common sense to managing people (yourself most of all).

Adrian’s down to earth and irreverent rendering of what other management books turn into complex topics makes the book very interesting and instantly useful, just the thing for busy and engaged managers. He has both the academic and practical credentials to back his writing, and the skill to communicate his thoughts effectively.

Most of us aspire to be talented managers, and whilst lack of time and inability to digest heavier tomes is no excuse for abrogating responsibility for career-long learning, this book provides a very welcome short cut.

Find the book here, and buy at your local bookshop.

Staff Bio Frankfurt head and shoulders 2011 Angela Tiede

Angela Tiede
Sales and Marketing Director

Angela Tiede is sales and marketing director at Palgrave Macmillan in Melbourne. Talent management has kept her aspirations to be a talented manager alive and well; seeking out short cuts is a well honed skill. Writing her own obit is a task of self-awareness she’ll need to work up to gradually, luckily it’s the last essay in the book.

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