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Staff Review: Telling the Bees

Telling the Bees
Peggy Hesketh
Oneworld Publications

Telling the Bees is a deceptively slow story of contrast and mystery, which builds and builds the suspense right up to the very end.

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Staff Review: My Beautiful Genome

My Beautiful Genome
Lone Frank
Oneworld Publications

The judges comment, when shortlisting My Beautiful Genome by Lone Frank for the (London) Royal Society Winton Prize 2012 which is awarded for “stimulating, engaging, clear, accessible, and high-quality” science books, says it all about this book. The judges said: “My Beautiful Genome puts a personal story at the heart of the science. To some extent we are all narcissists and we want to learn more about ourselves, Frank provides us with an insight into how our genes help to define us. She keeps you wanting to read more.”
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Staff Review: The Wizard of Oz

BFI Film Classics: The Wizard of Oz
Salman Rushdie
Palgrave Macmillan

I’m going to be honest—when I decided to read Salman Rushdie’s critical analysis of one of my favourite movies, The Wizard of Oz, I was in it for a whimsical good time. While I did not (fully) expect to be transported straight onto the Yellow Brick Road beside Dorothy, familiarity with the authors favour for magical realism with a touch of historical fiction, did leave me expecting a fanciful take on this film classic.
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