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Staff Review: Suicide Bombings

Suicide Bombings
Riaz Hassan
Taylor & Francis

In the first chapter, Hassan caught my attention with his discussion of ‘Life as a Weapon’. Life is used as the most basic yet powerful weapon to attack and instill fear in the enemy or society. Suicide is seen as a means to an end and we can see various examples of it throughout history, such as the crucifixion death of Jesus Christ, the martyrs of Cordoba and Japanese ritual suicide to maintain honour and kamikaze operations during WWII where Japanese air force pilots crashed their planes to US naval fleets.
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Q&A with POLYP

The Co-operative Revolution: A Graphic Novel 
New Internationalist

What / who inspired you to become a political artist?

I’ve always had an interest in comic books and drawing, but I guess what made me want to take a political direction was Carl Sagan’s TV series ‘Cosmos’. The episode about nuclear war made me feel I had to engage with the issue. This was during the worst of the cold war… the Thatcher / Reagan era.

Another big influence was Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’. Looking back at the insane injustices of the witch-hunts made me wonder what crime our culture will be judged for in the future, and the answer seemed obvious: that we put profit before the death by poverty and hunger of millions of children.

polyp cartoon
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