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Staff Review: Street Food of India

Street Food of India
Sephi Bergerson
I.B.Tauris Publishers

At first glance this books draws you into it and says, “Go ahead and take a look, you’re going to love it.” Not many cook/snack books do that. And if you do take a look you will be glad that you did.

The book has many delicious traditional street food recipes with a number of colourful ingredients that might make you want to pass them by because they seem too hard to make, but with another glance at the way the instructions are expressed you will see that they take care of any confusion.

This is becoming one of my favourite snack books. Everything I have tried from this book has been fantastic and solid, colourful and quite delicious. There are a lot of colourful and detailed pictures before each recipe that are entertaining and give a good representation of the dish, and each recipe is written well and easy to follow.

I cooked the recipe called “Ram Ladoo” from this book; my family members loved it:

Ram Ladoo

Find the book here, and buy at your local bookshop.

Deborah Wesley
Staff Bio 

Deborah Josephpillai
Inventory Controller

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